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  • A special person in my life

    A special person in my life

    Marcia was in her seventies at the time – a tiny lady with the whitest of white hair that grows out rather than down. I only agreed because I thought it was a neighbourly thing to do.

  • Real change is an inside job

    Real change is an inside job

    It’s funny how sometimes the simplest things in life can bring the greatest wonder. One of the more enjoyable aspects of retirement is having time for frank and open conversations with friends and strangers. My elderly neighbour and I bike to our local coffee shop twice a week and chat away a couple of hours.…

  • The importance of questioning everything

    The importance of questioning everything

    What would you do if you had one hour left to live? Although the temptation was there, an hour before death is probably not the best time to complete a bucket list of adventures. And I thought my last hour of life too precious to waste on a frenzy of frivolous activity. Nevertheless, I found…

  • An awakening perspective

    An awakening perspective

    Do you find the noise of global and national events confusing and disturbing? It certainly plays havoc with my emotional energy. ­­I try to balance this mental rollercoaster with news and social media-free days. However, there are still times when I find myself slipping into the awful black hole of despair. I feel overwhelmed and…

  • Trusting your intuition

    Trusting your intuition

    During these challenging covid times, my sanity continues to be threatened by the thunderous cacophony of facts, false facts, chitter-chatter, rumour and propaganda, all of which posture and masquerade as the truth. At times I come dangerously close to abandoning the two things that have served me so well in my lifetime – my immune…

  • Talking rubbish

    Talking rubbish

    I guess it makes sense that, given my spiritual questing, I would one day bump into my footprints on this beautiful planet of ours. Never thought I would be talking rubbish!

  • Feelings about ageing

    Feelings about ageing

    It all seems so unfair. All my life, I have desired straight hair. I was born with, not totally curly, and not totally wavy, hair. Most of the time it is an unruly mess, a mix of curl and wave sticking out all over the place. But now I do have straight hair. The only…

  • Farewell letter to Kirsty

    Farewell letter to Kirsty

    Kirsty Elizabeth (Durward) GERLACH

  • The sacred space of ‘unknowing’

    The sacred space of ‘unknowing’

    The more I grow, the less I know. When I was younger, I thought I knew a lot more than I do now. Life disturbs you in this way – teaches you what you do not know. It is very much a holy and humbling disturbance. Before I set out to find answers for my…

  • Marriage and walking away

    Marriage and walking away

    Nothing placed my marriage under the spotlight more than when I stood on the trembling ground of my mid-life crisis. When the question, ‘Can a woman remain true to herself in a committed relationship?’ fiercely fought for my attention.

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