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  • A special person in my life

    A special person in my life

    Marcia was in her seventies at the time – a tiny lady with the whitest of white hair that grows out rather than down. I only agreed because I thought it was a neighbourly thing to do.

  • An awakening perspective

    An awakening perspective

    Do you find the noise of global and national events confusing and disturbing? It certainly plays havoc with my emotional energy. ­­I try to balance this mental rollercoaster with news and social media-free days. However, there are still times when I find myself slipping into the awful black hole of despair. I feel overwhelmed and…

  • Talking rubbish

    Talking rubbish

    I guess it makes sense that, given my spiritual questing, I would one day bump into my footprints on this beautiful planet of ours. Never thought I would be talking rubbish!

  • Feelings about ageing

    Feelings about ageing

    It all seems so unfair. All my life, I have desired straight hair. I was born with, not totally curly, and not totally wavy, hair. Most of the time it is an unruly mess, a mix of curl and wave sticking out all over the place. But now I do have straight hair. The only…