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  • Real change is an inside job

    Real change is an inside job

    It’s funny how sometimes the simplest things in life can bring the greatest wonder. One of the more enjoyable aspects of retirement is having time for frank and open conversations with friends and strangers. My elderly neighbour and I bike to our local coffee shop twice a week and chat away a couple of hours.…

  • Hopelessness … why not try God?

    Hopelessness … why not try God?

    The ‘wait’, every damn second of the ‘wait’, is consumed with survival, yet survival, is the one thing her Motor Neuron Disease (MND) cannot give her.

  • It takes courage to love yourself

    It takes courage to love yourself

    To love yourself you must know your real self, not your relative, conditioned self. (Deepak Chopra) I have spent much of my life travelling on journey’s that were not mine to travel. Blind to my self-worth, unbelieving of my intuition, and deaf to my own inner voice. And, sadly, my parenting reflected this.  If there…

  • What matters most … is a matter for the heart

    What matters most … is a matter for the heart

    Love cannot come in to you, it can only come out of you. [MC] The last day of the year and, like every other year, the endless wandering of my soul ‘ups the ante’.  When my yearning and longing reach their crescendo. It’s noisy, creative, anticipative and full of fire in the belly.  It also…

  • Religion and God – making sense of the nonsense

    Religion and God – making sense of the nonsense

    Like a woven cobweb, God and religion are difficult to untangle. [MC] Religion and God. Oh, my goodness! This is one of those articles that will not go away.  As I sat browsing through one of my journal writings from the eighties, I noticed my first words, “My pen is the mouthpiece for my unspoken…

  • Unraveling the past

    Unraveling the past

    Understanding the past is liberating. Dwelling on the past is debilitating. (MC) When you live a lie, you live other people’s dreams, views and expectations.  My issues with love and relationships, my longing for a God that seemed not to exist, had to be dealt with.    How the heck did I get to live over…

  • Perceptions of God

    Perceptions of God

    Question: What if everything you perceive God to be is a lie? When the truth hits, it hits hard.  In her book, The Real Boy, Author Anne Ursu describes this moment of truth beautifully. She says, “There is a way the truth hits you, both hard and gentle at the same time. It punches you…

  • About Fiftypluskiwi

    About Fiftypluskiwi

    If I gain wisdom or knowledge out of my  failures, then failure, is well worth experiencing. [Margaret Cunningham] Fiftypluskiwi is a collection of stories documenting my life from the ‘inside out’  – my journey of self-discovery. Part insight and part hindsight they are stories of my unraveling and of being put back together from the…